What is meditation?

Meditation has been around for over 2,000 years and has defined itself beneficial in many societies around the globe. Throughout the years, cultures adopted meditation differently by blending in their own religion and practice techniques. Meditation is a process where an individual takes a mindful journey to connect his/her true self with a superior own self. During the process, the mind gets calm and the spirit becomes nourished. You will do breathing exercises, humming, chanting, listen to music, say things out loud, or be totally silent for a period of time. Think of meditation as a work out for your mind, the more you exercise, the healthier and better your state of mind.

Is religion or faith needed to meditate?

No, religion or faith is optional and is not needed to meditate, which is what makes the process very diverse. People that do have a particular religious tradition describe meditation as a way to clear the mind so they can listen to God.

Are there any benefits to meditating?

Absolutely! Meditating is the most empowering way to naturally regulate emotions and feelings in the brain. The most important benefit of meditation is reducing your stress levels. Meditation itself induces relaxation, which increases nitric oxide to lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that meditation improves immunity throughout the body. When stress levels are down, brain cells increase and brain cells aging decreases. The feeling of being happy is a benefit that many enjoy. People that meditate are often in a happier mood, have increased self-awareness and acceptance, as well as have an overall improved well-being.

How long does it take to see changes?

It all depends on the issues at hand, stress levels, and emotional state every person has. Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all therapy that will work for all on the first try. Meditation itself is a way of life that must be practiced constantly to maintain the relaxed lifestyle. Some people will see changes and improvement on the first day, while others might take a few weeks. The number of times a person meditates a week makes a difference in seeing changes. Meditating at least once a week is recommended for most people, but some might need two, three, or more times. Every person must have a positive mindset in wanting change for the better and meditate properly in order to see changes.

Where should I meditate?

Meditation is usually practiced in a quiet place where the environment can come down to an absolute silence that you should only be able to hear your breathing. Meditating in public places or at home is doable, but distraction is inevitable and cuts into the concentration. Our meditating room gives you just that, a place where you can relax and grow from within without distractions.

Is music used in meditation?

It all depends on the style of meditation being practiced. We use gentle music that soothes the brain waves. In some parts during a meditation all music might be stopped and the room comes down to an absolute silence. Having a variation of music and no music can vary by day. However, our meditation sessions are never absolute silence for the entire time.

Can I learn meditation online or from a book?

You certainly can get the steps and guide on how to meditate, but it's on you to practice it properly. It works for some people and it frustrates others. If you want to actually feel the experience and grow deeper into meditation, it is recommended to take a meditation class instead. Some people prefer to have others around while meditating instead of being alone. It really all comes down to preference.

Is it expensive to meditate?

Not really once you think about it. Having peace, joy, and an overall state of well-being has no direct monetary value. Our meditation classes are only $10 and it just depends on how many times you need to meditate. If you need to attend more than once a week, you can take advantage of our Gold membership, which gives you unlimited classes for a monthly cost.

What is the best way to learn meditation?

The best way is to actually practice, practice, and practice. Reading from a book, blogs, or watching videos will really not get you to practice. Meditation itself is a way of living, so it takes time and practice to get the best results. Since the goal of meditation is to improve your own self, there is no end to learn more about yourself and/or improve your quality of life.

Do I need anything to meditate with Sun Path Academy?

No, we provide the meditation chair and the meditation center environment. All you need is the desire to improve your well-being and quality of life. Wear comfortable clothing and have a positive attitude. That's it!